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If you’re discovering FinDom –Financial Domination-, read on….


What is FinDom?

FinDom is the acronym for Financial Domination.

FinDom Definition says: Is when submissive men pay in money or through gifts to a Financial Dominatrix or FinDomme.

FinDom fetish is generated by the need to be controlled in all possible ways. It’s about surrendering of power.

Pure financial dominance is when a slave is taxed of its own accord without expecting anything in return.

The excitement comes from the idea of someone invading one’s own economic space.

What is a FinDomme?

She is the owner of the financial slave. The Financial Dominatrix, also called Financial Domme, Financial Dom, Financial Dominant, FinDomme, or Financial Mistress humiliates her finsubs while she has tributes.

Findom Goddess Financial Domination

The financial submissive gives her total power over money and she gives him a small allowance each week.

That’s where the erotic and humiliating ability of the Fin Domme comes in.

People define FinDom improperly because usually reading about financial domination fetish seems frivolous. Women asking for money.

This intrusion devalues the concept, as it is very serious and requires a lot of psychology. Not everyone is good enough to be ‘findomme’ even if it seems easy.


Fin-Dom it’s a variant of domination/submission games. When we think about BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism), usually the first thing that comes to mind are ropes and whips.

But there are disciplines, –like BDSM FinDom– in which physical contact does not even exist. Not even the visual. In some cases, they don’t even see my face. They just pay my whims to get a bit of my attention”.  Just FinDom services….

Financial fetish is widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries: England, USA, Germany and not so much in Latin American countries.

Goddess Soberana Maxima - FinDom - Financial  Dominatrix - ProDomme

Is FinDom illegal?

Of course not!. This is consensual. It is the financial slaves who seek me out and beg me to pluck them. The decision about findommed is made by them, who are adults. And this is the key to all of this. Finally, they are getting a reward, which is the excitement of financial domination.

Not being in control.

That’s why, in order not to commit illicit acts, I force all my financial subs to sign a findom contract where they specify that they carry out these practices voluntarily.

What is a paypig?

Many findom slaves or financial submissives (finsub, usually also called paypig, moneyslaves, cashcows, payslaves, humanATM, etc) pay on a monthly, weekly or even daily tributes, as well as they buy gifts to their Financial Dom when she demands it or simply when they consider it necessary.

Commonly, a moneyslave will take some invoice from his FinDomme and will pay it each month for Her. Ex: mobile phone, hairdresser, rent, beautiful high heels, etc.

Likewise, there are also cash slaves who get into debt for their Mistress Dom, signing a loan contract in her favor and paying them on a mandatory basis.

Personally, I love the ATM game, when the submissive is used as a humanATM, as an object. Via WhatsApp, Skype or email I simply say to them: ‘Hello ATM. I come to withdraw money”, and he proceeds to behave as such, then I enter the pin and, once I have withdrawn my money (which he has sent by bank transfer or paypal), his function and my attention to him end.

Above all, the financial slave wants his Goddess to live like a Queen even if he has to obliged to make financial sacrifices to reach the end of the month.

The money slave truly sees his Dom as a Goddess and praises her as such.

What is a paypig?

And in real life? Does the financial submissive have a certain profile?

In my experience, I can assert that in general not.

They come to me fin sub professionals of high sociocultural level, successful and realized yearning for freedom and relief from not having control over their accounts even losers with problems to make ends meet. Fetishes simply don’t understand social classes.

FinDom and BlackMail

Sometimes FinDomming is linked to blackmail fetish.

The blackmail BDSM fetishism (it is one of my favorites) brings the blackmail slave into greater submission since it forces the slave to pay tribute to his Dominatrix under the risk that if he does not, she will use sensitive information (email from his boss, wife’s phone, etc) by posting humiliating photos.

Always, there is a findom blackmail contract so the FinDomme is covered legally.

Types of Financial Domination

There are several types of Fin Dom and combinations:

  1. Make gifts from the wish list.
  2. Make small deposits for lingerie, manicure, hairdressing, etc.
  3. Take care of my bills.
  4. Pay my rent, food, travels.
  5. Everything I order in large quantities.
  6. Give me a credit card.
  7. HumanATM.
  8. Total power of all their finances, where I manage all their money and allocate a small monthly amount to him.
  9. FinDom quotes. Cashmeets. Shopping Sessions.

FinDomme Financial Dominatrix Soberana Maxima

How to get into FinDom

You will only have to check the profiles and the website well, the real Financial Doms have a reputation to protect and generally we are very successful, that is, we do not need to escape with a miserable deposit and risk a bad criticism that could cost us thousands of dollars in the future.

Therefore, feel safe sending a deposit if your Domme requires it, as long as it is not a random advertisement without another presence to prove that it is real.

Attention also with social networks! There are many false profiles, in fact, there have been a couple using as profile photos, some taken from my profile.

A real Financial Domme has its own website where all its information is absolutely clear.

So….Seeking Arrangement?

Do you wanna feel real Financial Domination?

You can read more About Me, but I must say that I was simply born for Financial Domination fetish, Financial Humiliation. I’m a true life financial dominatrix.

I’m a Latin American Financial Dominatrix, a Queen, a FinDom Goddess, Financial Dom, a lover of tributes, high heels, foot fetish worship, strapon or strap on, total worship, chastity, adoration, chashmeets, shopping sessions (#FinDom shopping sessions, as opposed to sugar baby and sugar daddy shopping sessions) or loser dates.

I love fetish life. I like FinDom games, Blackmail fantasy, BDSM Sessions and Cuckolding sessions.

You will not be able to resist me. You will adore me as the superior Goddess I am.

As in any FinDom relationship, my time is precious and no one can serve me without paying for it.

All new financial slaves must tribute to me to demonstrate their motivation to be enslaved by their one Goddess.

My attention is a rare divine gift, so be sure to make a tribute worthy of my consideration.

You will always obey my orders without hesitation. You will never be rude or you will complain and if you do you will be blocked and eliminated instantly.

At all times you will show gratitude for every second I spend giving you my attention and you will always remember that I never owe you anything.

You come to me of your own free will, begging me to consider you as part of my objects, therefore it will be your duty to communicate with me regularly or you will run the risk of being expelled from my retinue of slaves.

Latex Dominatrix

So? what are you waiting for feel real financial submission?…

You know that female supremacy is real, so, give into your your ultimate fantasy of being manipulated, dominated and financially drained by a most perverse sexy FinDom Goddess….Soberana Maxima!!!

A real Financial Domme for your Financial Domination experience.

Online FinDom.

Elite Financial Domination

Consequently, if you’re a real paypig, a finsub of high socio cultural level  seeking arrangement, a findom relationship, an online Dominatrix and you wanna be My findom slave contact me to apply and discuss all of this in detail.

Send me a presentation letter with the subject “Applicant Presentation” using the CONTACT FORM below and send me a PAYPAL TRIBUTE along with your request to be taken seriously.

Make sure your email is well written or I can’t answer you. You also can write directly to

You will always refer to me as “Goddess”.

If I’m interested after check your initial tribute, I’ll contact you!

IMPORTANT: Requests to financial dominance without tribute will go unanswered!!!!

Be sure to follow my Instagram @MaximaSoberana, my FinDom Twitter @MaximaSoberana, my Facebook Máxima Soberana and WATCH my video, give a LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel.

Info For Inexperienced Curious

Some basic definitions for the totally inexperienced curious:

Fetish definition

What does fetish mean? If I have to define fetish, I’d say it’s simply obsessions with certain parts of the body or with certain objects very specific and particular to each individual.

My favorite fetish is obviously is financial fetish or findom fetish.

Submissive definition

Submissive meaning: Action to submit, without question, to the authority or will of another person or to what the circumstances impose.

I like that definition of submissive, simple and clear.

Kink definition

Kink meaning unconventional practices according to the standards established by society.

Kinky is called the person who performs them.


What is Cuckolding?

References to cuckold appear in literature as early as the 13th century, usually in the form of male characters who fear that their son was begotten by another man during an act of infidelity.

Today, however, cuckolds have become a powerful fetish and sexual fantasy for some men, who are excited by the idea that their romantic partner will have sex with one or more people at the same time, but always without intervening.

Women also share this fantasy, but less than men.

Often the other man is more masculine or dominant than he cuckold.

In fact Big Black Cock humiliation (BBC) is an increasingly popular practice.

Theories about Cuckold

Although experts have not provided an explanation for this behavior, there are several theories.

One of these theories talks about repressed bisexuality on the part of the man in question.

Another theory is that with this practice the man is proud to have at his side an open-minded woman, who dares to go against what is frowned upon by society.

But definitely the theory that is being most accepted is the one that points out that some people are excited by those things that are frowned upon by society. Anything that goes against the moral precepts of much of Western society may prove to be challenging and pleasurable for these men.

It is said that Salvador Dali was a Cuckold, who enjoyed watching Gala have sex with other men, who humiliated him for his small penis, and that she exercised Financial Domination over him.

A survey of thousands of Americans found that 58 percent of men and about one-third of women had fantasized about it, according to an article on CNN.

**Coming soon videos of  FemDom hypnosis, Sissy hypnosis or slut hypnosis.

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