Are you looking for the Goddess of your dreams?…you have found her!! 

I will be your next obsession, your fetish…

Financial Domination

I’m the woman your mother warned you about…dominant and intuitive by nature…an intelligent, astute, clever, skillful, smart and perverse Goddess in search of perfection, who demands total adoration, respect and absolute obedience…

The only one FinDommeFinancial Dominatrix, Humiliatrix and  ProDomme – Professional Dominatrix that you can find in Chile and Latin America whom every paypig wish to serve….

My name in BDSM world is Soberana Máxima, Goddess is my title. Which means you will always refer to me as Goddess Soberana, or simply Goddess.

Your addiction to me grows as you read my words and realize there is no escape from me…my perfection has you totally under my spell.

I am the one you’ve been fantasizing about all your life, the Goddess of your dreams….the only real Chilean Goddess….Soberana Máxima!!!.

Financial Domination - FinDomme - FinDom - Financial Dominatrix

Real Financial Domination

I was born for Financial Domination fetish, Financial Humiliation. I’m a true life financial dominatrix.

I’m a Latin American Financial Dominatrix, a Queen, Financial Dom, a Feet Goddess, FemDom and Bondage, a BDSM Mistress lover of tributes, high heels, foot fetish worship, strapon or strap on, total worship, chastity, adoration, chashmeets, shopping sessions my way (#FinDom shopping sessions, as opposed to sugar baby and sugar daddy shopping sessions) or loser dates.

I love fetish life. I like Findom games, Blackmail fantasy or FinDom Blackmail and Cuckolding sessions.

You will not be able to resist me. You will adore me as the superior Goddess I am.

Beware your Goddess accepts no scripted scenarios: while respecting (yet always pushing) your boundaries, I will use and abuse you however I want.

Remember: Your body belongs to Me. Your mind belongs to Me. My wish is your command. You will submit to Me, completely. You know you belong under My Feet.

So? what are you waiting for feel real female domination?…

You know that female supremacy, female dom is real, so, give into your your ultimate fantasy of being manipulated, dominated and financially drained by a most perverse chilean beauty…Soberana Máxima!!!

A real Financial Domme for your Financial Domination experience.


Elite Financial Domination

Consequently, if you’re a real paypig, a finsub of high socio cultural level  seeking arrangement, d/s relationship, a findom relationship, an online Dominatrix and you wanna be My findom slave, My financial slave contact me to apply and discuss all of this in detail.

Send me a presentation letter with the subject “Applicant Presentation” using the CONTACT FORM below and send me a PAYPAL tribute along with your request to be taken seriously.

Make sure your email is well written or I can’t answer you. You also can write directly to soberana.maxima@gmail.com.

You will always refer to me as “Goddess”.

If I’m interested after check your initial tribute, I’ll contact you!

Be sure to follow my Instagram @MaximaSoberana, my FinDom Twitter @MaximaSoberana, my Facebook Máxima Soberana and SUBSCRIBE my new YouTube channel!!!.

IMPORTANT: Requests to financial dominance without tribute will go unanswered!!!!


If you are new in this fascinating world, Domination fetish, I invite you to browse through my financial dominant website and discover BDSM, CUCKOLD, FEMALE SUPREMACY, FINDOM, FOOT FETISH, among other things and enjoy my image galleries here clicking on the images.

Financial Dominatrix FinDomme FinDom


Foot Fetish


Financial Dominatrix Sitting Slave BDSM Pics


For Inexperienced Curious

Some basic definitions for the totally inexperienced curious:

Fetish definition

What does fetish mean? If I have to define fetish, I’d say it’s simply obsessions with certain parts of the body or with certain objects very specific and particular to each individual.

My favorite fetish is obviously is financial fetish or findom fetish.

Submissive definition

Submissive meaning: Action to submit, without question, to the authority or will of another person or to what the circumstances impose.

I like that definition of submissive, simple and clear.

Kink definition

Kink meaning unconventional practices according to the standards established by society.

Kinky is called the person who performs them.

**Coming soon videos of  FemDom hypnosis, Sissy hypnosis or slut hypnosis

Also you can worship me smelling my used panties.






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