Safety, Subspace & Aftercare


​1. You should never session with a Dominatrix who seems drunk or high.

2. A dominatrix should be hitting you with the last few inches of her flogger, and with the end of her whip. She should not be wrapping the whip or flogger around your hips/torso. You should not have long whip lash marks on your body, she is standing way too close.  She should not be hitting you in the lower back/kidney area PERIOD or spine/neck with her hand, paddles, crops, canes, straps, even floggers can be heavy. She should not keep your arms above your head for a long period of time, a good Domme will feel if your hands are getting cold and lower them. She will adjust her bondage to promote circulation if necessary. Always tell her if something is numb or hurting right away.


Is a phenomenon that some men will experience. It is when the endorphins, excitement, mental stimulation, and sometimes even pain you experience can drive you into a state of deep mental space. Subspace IS REAL and not a rumor not made up, not a mind-over-matter thing. People who experience sub space say they feel high, dizzy, hypnotized, lost in a trance, and men who are heavy masochists say that the pain when they are in subspace will feel so good they crave more and more of it and sometimes do not realize how much damage the dominant is causing on their body as a result until it’s too late. They also can feel very emotional, such as extremely happy, extremely depressed or extremely obedient. Your eyes might roll back into your head. You may no longer hear your Dominatrix, be unable to speak or form sentences. If you experience subspace during your session for the first time, your Dominatrix should be checking in on you, know when to call it quits, and calm you back down to reality. Sometimes after years of playing with a Dominatrix, a man might suddeny experience subspace for the very first time out of the blue. It’s easier for some than it is for others. For some they never experience it at all. It’s not uncommon but not for everyone and some experience a light form of it while others have a much more severe experience with it.


You never have to come to this, but If you are bleeding, shaking, dizzy, scared, or going through many emotions after your session, your Dominatrix should be providing you with proper aftercare. She should be tending to your wounds and have a first aid kit. She should discuss the scene with you and make sure everything went ok. She might have you lay down if she sees you are dizzy. She should get you some water or have a snack on hand if you have low blood sugar. Sometimes slaves simply need to cool down in a cage, or laying on the floor. Sometimes they need to cry to let out an emotional release. It’s not uncommon for slaves to sob in their Mistress’s laps.