Financial domination is widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries: England, USA, Germany and not so much in Latin American countries. For those who do not know what it is, a brief description:

Financial domination is when submissive men and slaves pay in money or through gifts to a dominant woman. Fetishism is generated by the need to be controlled in all possible ways. Pure financial domination is when a slave is taxed of its own accord without expecting anything in return. Many times, the Domina humiliates her slave while she has tributes.

Many financial slaves pay on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, as well as they buy gifts to their Dominatrix when she demands it or simply when they consider it necessary. Many times a financial slave will take some invoice from his Domina and will pay it each month for Her. Ex: mobile phone, hairdresser, rent, etc.

There are also slaves who get into debt for their Mistress, signing a loan contract in her favor and paying them on a mandatory basis.

The financial slave wants his Goddess to live like a Queen while he is obliged to make financial sacrifices to reach the end of the month. The financial slave truly sees his Dóminatrix as a Goddess and praises her as such.

Sometimes financial domination is linked to the fetish of blackmail. The blackmail fetishism (it is one of my favorites) brings the slave into greater submission since it forces the slave to pay tribute to his Dominatrix under the risk that if he does not, she will use sensitive information (email from his boss, wife’s phone, etc) by posting humiliating photos. Many times there is a blackmail contract so the Mistress is covered legally.

There are many ways to develop this fantasy and I like them all! For me in BDSM financial domination plays a very important role. In the end the world is moved by sex and money and giving me your money is the best way to show me that you are really my slave.

Slaves in ancient times worked for their masters and so you must do it for me.

Only if you are willing, contact me.

You will give me proof that you have obeyed my orders and you will fill me with gifts because I am all you need.

I will say when you can see me and how long, if you deserve it or not, I will give you orders and I will assign you duties that you must fulfill and if you do not do it, you will get a punishment, as well as a fine, painful, humiliating or whatever I can think of. to the degree of disobedience.

Having said that, you will have to complete the submission form, after assessing your candidacy, I will send you an e-mail and you will do a little tribute and we will see that you are serious and start this way, our Dominatrix-submissive relationship.

I love being surrounded by submissives who love me and only live for and for Me, always yearning to make me happy.

There are several types of Financial Subways and combinations:

1- Make gifts from the wish list.
2- Make small deposits for lingerie, manicure, hairdressing, etc.
3- Take care of my bills.
4- Pay my rent, food, travel.
5- Everything I order in large quantities.
6- Give me a credit card.

As in any relationship of financial domination, my time is precious and no one can serve me without paying for it. All new financial slaves are expected to pay homage to me to demonstrate their motivation to be enslaved by their one Goddess, for as a moneyslave or paypig, your only purpose will be to pay homage to me. This will be noticed when you first contact me, so be sure to make a tribute worthy of my attention. My attention is a rare divine gift. You are expected to obey my orders without a doubt. You will never complain, nor be rude to your Goddess in any way. If you do, you will be blocked and eliminated immediately. You will show gratitude for every second I spend giving you my attention and you will always remember that I never owe you anything. You have come of your own free will to beg me to regard you as a possible slave, and you will be expected to communicate with me regularly, or run the risk of being expelled from my retinue of slaves.

Are you dying to become my financial slave? Do you want to see me extracting money from your bank account during a cash meet or be used and exhausted for shopping? Are you ready to pay me large sums of money to visit you in the city where you are and experience financial domination in real time? Do you want to be a real paypig and receive my payables and bills?

Ask me for one or all of the above and send me a presentation letter with the subject “Applicant Presentation” using the contact form below and send me a tribute along with your request to be taken seriously. You will always refer to me as “Goddess”.  Make sure your email is well written or I can’t answer you.  If I’m interested, I’ll contact you! If you prefer, you also can write directly to Be sure to follow my Instagram @SoberanaMaxima, my Twitter @MaximaSoberana and my Facebook Máxima Soberana. Requests to financial slave without tribute will go unanswered.

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