How Choose your Dominatrix

1. Obviously the first and most important thing is to review what your tastes are and find common ground between you and her. If the Dominatrix doesn’t perform practices with which you dream, don’t insit, just keep looking.

2. Stay away from women who list acts of prostitution and publish pornographic or generally horrible photos. They are usually prostitutes who pretending to be a dominatrix. They don’t know what to true Dominatrix-submissive relationship is. They will not even spell it correctly if they try. If you read: “body massage, BDSM body massage, bondage, full service, everything you want, I will make you happy, nude domination, happy endings” she is probably not a classic dominatrix, but rather a friendly escort. While these women are definitely occupying a place in our society, many real submissive are exposed to horrible experiences with their lack of skills.

3. Check the photos. Do the photos in your ad match the photos on your website? She does not have a website? Do the photos in your advertising seem questionable? There are many stolen photos of Dominatrix, porn stars and others. If they seem false, they probably are.

4. Poor spelling, grammar, way of speaking, speaking of the ghetto, in this case, you are clearly getting a low-class prostitute or a horrible and very low class domination.

5. If you are looking for a Dominatrix who practices mutilation and / or castration, make sure she has the knowledge and experience necessary to carry it out, it is possible to find women like those described in the previous point, willing to do anything for money without think about your safety and security. In Spain, for example, it is possible to find Dominatrices prepared with formal nursing studies or similar, real professionals who do it, but in Chile, I sincerely doubt it. ATENTION!!! This point is very important!! THIS IS SERIOUS! Your idea is to lose your balls and not your life, no ???…..

6. Pay attention when you are asked for a deposit or money in advance as there are many scammers out there who are usually men with female profiles who ask for money for the sessions. In my case, when I returned to Chile, I was usually contacted by idiots who wasted my valuable time leaving me stood up and not real submissive; therefore at least to session with me, all tribute must be done in advance. In the same way most of the Dóminas nowadays will ask for tributes and deposits, for the same thing that I commented, too many imbeciles walking around….you will only have to verify well the profiles and the web page, a real Dómina has reputation to protect and generally we have a lot of success; that is to say, we do not have need to escape with a miserable deposit and risk a bad criticism that could cost us thousands of dollars in the future. Therefore, feel safe sending a deposit if your Domina requires it, as long as it doesn’t have a false profile on some BDSM community sites or a random ad without another presence to prove it’s real.

7. Don’t give up, even the most experienced Mistress can be a bad choice or not a good fit for you. Personalities could clash. Some subs have a bad first time and let that Dominatrix reflect all Dominatrices. The second Dominatrix you choose could be incredible. Don’t give up, use it as a learning experience. Every Dominatrix is different!!!!.