What is FemDom Bartering or BDSM Bartering?

Bertering refers to the fact that sometimes in a very rare circumstance you can work something out with a Dominatrix which will benefit you both. Do you work a job or have a skill she may need use of? Doing your regular and beloved Mistress a favor should not warrant free playtime. But if you are not someone who sessions often due to lack of funds she might be able to work out something. This is usually only possible if the Mistress has seen you a few times before due to trust.

Things we sometimes need:

1. Video slaves. Ok with being filmed in a video for her? Some Mistresses allow you to wear a hood or a mask. She will film your usual playtime.

2. Web design, website building, logo design, photo retouching. Some Mistresses need things like this done. Usually slaves do this for free because they adore us, without expecting sessions but you never know.

3. Can you offer her a free gym membership to a pricey gym? Free hotel stays? Airline miles you do not use? Think of what might benefit her that you can offer.

4. Can you work on her car and save her a costly repair? Can you fix her roof? Landscape her yard? Can you edit her video clips, saving her a lot of time?.