What is Cuckolding?

References to cuckold appear in literature as early as the 13th century, usually in the form of male characters who fear that their son was begotten by another man during an act of infidelity.

Today, however, cuckolds have become a powerful fetish and sexual fantasy for some men, who are excited by the idea that their romantic partner will have sex with one or more people at the same time, but always without intervening.

Women also share this fantasy, but less than men.

Often the other man is more masculine or dominant than he cuckold.

In fact Big Black Cock humiliation (BBC) is an increasingly popular practice.

Theories about Cuckold

Although experts have not provided an explanation for this behavior, there are several theories.

One of these theories talks about repressed bisexuality on the part of the man in question.

Another theory is that with this practice the man is proud to have at his side an open-minded woman, who dares to go against what is frowned upon by society.

But definitely the theory that is being most accepted is the one that points out that some people are excited by those things that are frowned upon by society. Anything that goes against the moral precepts of much of Western society may prove to be challenging and pleasurable for these men.

It is said that Salvador Dali was a Cuckold, who enjoyed watching Gala have sex with other men, who humiliated him for his small penis, and that she exercised Financial Domination over him.

A survey of thousands of Americans found that 58 percent of men and about one-third of women had fantasized about it, according to an article on CNN.

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