Foot Fetish

What is Foot Fetish?

The most widespread erotic fetish and universal is that of human foot worship.

Where does this human passion, almost always masculine, for people’s extremities come from?

Why, being so unattractive, do feet receive so much attention from erotomans?

How does this fetish extend to other adjacent elements such as high heels, nylon and socks?

We find it attractive or aberrant, the attraction for the feet supposes a drive that has motivated onanists and artists alike.


It is one of the most common fetishisms in men, in women there is hardly any data on such predilection.

However, podophilia, as it is strictly known, can hardly be called a fetish (because it encompasses above all the taste for inanimate objects).

Rather, it is a “parcialism”: this is the name given to the action by which we derive pleasure from symbolically reducing the human body to only one of its parts.

What is fascinating about this subject is that we still do not know very well why this particular bias occurs so often or what its origin is.

There are from somewhat outlandish Freudian hypotheses (the typical substitution or reminiscence of the penis through the foot, as well as the fear of castration as an engine of deviation towards that fetish) to some more amusing ones:

for example, it is said that a bare foot probably excites us because we are not used to seeing it without its shoe, just as the vision of human areas traditionally covered in public excites us; or that it is even inciting because it reminds us of our ancestral mating instinct, in which the foot is usually at the same height of the eyes as the genital area of those who, lying down, are receiving us for intercourse.

Shoes and pedicure

Already within the podophyllic category we can find numerous variants: there are those who opt for the simple contemplation of the feet, with or without shoe, as a source of pleasure; there are those who prefer to touch the feet of their lover, even kiss or lick them; and there are also those who incline for the toes of the feet as the main spur of their libido.

There is also the fetish of the pedicure. And it is that a feminine feet of well trimmed nails and with a beautiful and delicate enamel can captivate many glances.

And, of course, footwear also carries much of that desire: its fetishism is the most popular among all those who are given with female objects as protagonists.

That’s why it’s also one of the most traditional women’s accessories in erotic fashion. Good tacos do not only make the figure slim: they also beautify the foot.

Strangely enough, it is not usual to find female foot fetishists: in the forums dedicated to this subject, the majority of female Internet users confess not to pay much attention to male feet.

A barefoot man can be sexy, but as a whole. The hands seem to be much more appreciated by them.

In practice

Obviously, podophilia is like any other sexual hobby: it is pleasant if your partner also likes it or enjoys the established complicity.

In this case, the biggest dilemma is the fact that not everyone likes to be groped – let alone drooled – on their feet. In fact, there are people who love to be stroked and massaged in their limbs… and there are others who can’t stand it at all!

On the other hand, there are also fans for ugly, dirty or careless feet. There are even more people who prefer the roughness of the plantar than a totally soft skin!


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