Paypig – Tribute Me

Soberana Máxima

Welcome to tribute me PAYPIG!!!

This is for serious worshippers and hardcore money slaves only!!

You can be my paypig.

Tribute me and push your limits further, enjoy the feeling of being absolutely broke for your only Goddess!

Mesmerised by me, you are hypnotised by every part of my body….

…you worship every inch of me, you will adore me.

Paypig Goddess Soberana Maxima FinDom

My wish is your command.

And here you are, at my feet, ready to tribute me, your Goddess…. Soberana Máxima. You know Financial Domination is real!

I am only satsified with the best.

I have expensive tastes.

Max out your credit card paypig with my wish lists to feel totally drained and taken over my power.

Experience FinDom at its finest….Be a slave to my desires!.

To prove your devotion further, you will send me cash tributes and yu will be my humanATM.

Remember a tribute is a sacrifice you make for your Goddess.

Your sacrifice has to be real to get my attention.

I love all types of Financial Domination, but here they are sorted according to my preferences:

  1. Total power over all your finances, where I will manage absolutely all your money and assign you a small monthly amount.
  2. Deposits directly into my PayPal account.
  3. Take care of my accounts.
  4. What I ask you in large amounts.
  5. Give me a credit card.
  6. HumanATM.
  7. FinDom quotes. Cashmeets. Shopping sessions.

If you are a new money pig applicant, I will review your initial tribute and if it catches my attention you will be sent back a form to find out what type of paypig you are.

Now paypig, show me how deep you are willing to drown into and cover me, your Goddess Soberana Máxima and tribute me using my PAYPAL account:

Impress me…

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I prefer Paypal, but you also can send a gift card using

Amazon Soberana Maxima

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