Each session lasts approximately between 45 minutes and 1 hour, depending on my mood and how well you serve me, each one equals a minimum tribute of €175. I am available from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. On weekends, My availability is variable; however, it is possible maybe at a session from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays, but an additional tribute of €100 must be made.

On these occasions, you will have the honor of being able to serve me in person, dedicate yourself completely to me, adore me, and be rewarded with the satisfaction of using my implements to punish you.

It is important to mention for those who start as slaves, that the domino-submissive relationship is built over time, it is practically impossible to have a perfect session in the first instance, since it is very likely that the submissive  has fantasized a lot about it and when materializing, it can be disappointing, since the complete sessions satisfactory for both require a process of mutual knowledge, patience, practice and communication that obviously will never be achieved in a single session. It is not necessary to create a big movie in the mind and it is clear that it is not the same feeling. Based on the above, I only want those interested in a medium or long term relationship that obviously have a good socio-cultural level.

If you do not reside in Chile, it is possible to perform webcam Domination sessions will be done making a minimum €80 tribute it works interestingly, they are more addictive. During the sessions of the webcam I can quickly enter your head and open your darkest thoughts and not only that, also play with your small brain, and do things that you think impossible for your little mind. You will kneel in front of my camera willing to do what I want, and if you bore me, you have to pay tribute again…

​Role play through text a weekly minimum tribute of €70.

​If you don’t live in Santiago, but you want me to have a session with you, I can travel by air with all expenses paid, a daily tribute of  €600 and accommodation in a 4-star hotel.

The expenses of the tribute, of hotels, air tickets, etc., will be paid in advance to the reservation of session.

Credit cards are not accepted.

Are you ready for Soberana Máxima?

If you think you are, send me a presentation letter with the subject “Applicant Presentation” using the contact form below and send me a tribute along with your request to be taken seriously. You will always refer to me as “Goddess”.  Make sure your email is well written or I can’t answer you.  If I’m interested, I’ll contact you! If you prefer, you also can write directly to soberana.maxima@gmail.com. Be sure to follow my Instagram @SoberanaMaxima, my Twitter @MaximaSoberana and my Facebook Máxima Soberana. Requests to financial slave without tribute will go unanswered.

Link to the contact form!!!!