Things NOT to do

Tips on things you should NOT do if you don’t want to be a burden and annoy your Dominatrix

1. Don’t annoy your Mistress with constant emails, calls or texts about your fantasies. Respect her privacy and personal time.

2. Don’t bug your Mistress to be her personal slave, if she wants that of you, she will inquire.

3. Don’t push for activities, such as sexual ones, your Mistress already turned down once, unless you want her to not ever see you again and warn others about your annoying nature.

4. Don’t push for discounts or free sessions or for extra unpaid free time.

5. Don’t hound your Mistress constantly about how excited you are for your session.

She has a right to spend her time outside of the dungeon thinking about her PERSONAL LIFE.

She is plotting your session when she feels she is mentally ready to plot your session.

She also has to plot the sessions of many other people.


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