Used Panties

Worship me smelling my used panties

I like to sell my used and dirty panties because one of my favorite fetishes, is to know that someone, somewhere in the world, is adoring me through feeling my smell….

I enjoy to know there is always a stranger getting excited with my most intimate smell in different places on the planet…I literally like to know that I scatter around the world to be adored.



Used Panties



My smell is intoxicating, exciting, overwhelming…strong and sweet…even addictive…

…’re going to love it!

I also know the rush you feel when you open that bag and the aroma hits your nose … so do not wait any longer, and take advantage of the honor that gives you my fetish weakness and get your dose from wherever you are!, I can discreetly send anywhere by mail the panties used for you to adore me.

A tribute of 75 USD for every underwear I worn one day is enough. Each additional day of use is another 40 USD per day.

Remember that my main favorite fetish is still FinDom, so if you really want to feel me, be sure to also send me a little tribute through Amazon before contacting me about panties.

Panty payments are only received via my PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

Now that you wait wanker! Send me an Gift Voucher right now here and get my used panties as soon as possible. Mail:


Amazon Soberana Maxima


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